I have been working on my resume since I have started my new Job. It was something I planned on doing soon anyways but then I got a new job without doing the leg work on my resume. I think I should take the time though to update it because it is always good to have an updated resume. So I updated BenWeese.com, bout BenWeese.net and BenWeese.org. Then I bought BenWeese.dev and attached it to my github pages.


I still have more to do such as get a paper resume up and going, and build out more github projects such as:

  • Java Automation Build Status
    • Which shows my skills automating using Selenium, Java, and Cucumber.
  • Postman Build Status
    • Showing how I can automate API testing with Postman, Travis CI, and Newman.

I have to get an updated picture as well but these are just minor changes.

Going forward Dev Site will be for Dev things and the .Com will be for more Ben things. BeardedBatBen will hopefully be there to inspire others.